mijn plek!

Kyoto⇄Nerherland 旅とごはんといつものくらし

Back to Kyoto

We've arrived Kyoto.


We have to stay at home for 2weeks,but that's nice at least my home.

We had so difficult time the end of days in Delft,there were lots of information,we had many things to decide.It's realy shame we couldn't say good bye face to face.


But,now,we can stay connected with friends online!


I feel it was dream that we were in Delft.

But I could meet many friends,and I really miss all of you.That is my big asset.


Thanks all,I miss you!!

See you again!!


Apparrently,We can't enjoy cherry blossoms with friends in Japan this year...defitely next year!!



Whole family are staying at home,we can have every meal together,play games together,and study together!

it's really  calm and happy time,nomally we can't have it!


In spite of this situation,we can find many good things!Let's forcus on good things and stay at home happily!!



I believe everything is going well!!